Townsmen Car Club Of Sacramento

Friendship & fellowship through customs & classics

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Hello and Welcome to the Townsmen Car Club of Sacramento

We are an auto club whose purpose is to establish friendship and fellowship with members of common interest in custom and classic "pre-1975" automobiles. This club was founded on April 1st, 2003 by eleven charter members. This club will limit membership to fifty active members (family memberships).
Townsmen Members Cars
Take a look as some of the awesome cars from the members of the Townsmen Car Club.

We at the Townsmen Car Club, take pride in each and every one of our cars. We love to show them off, driving them around town and showing them various events. We put a lot of time, money and effort into our cars and it shows.

We love to talk about our cars, if you happen to be at car show and you see one of the Townsmen Car Club plaques, come on up and talk to us about or club and our cars.
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About our Club and Website
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Our site is here to share our car club with its many members and honored guests. We use the site to promote our annual car club as well as many other car show events. This site will also host information about, club outings, photos of member's cars and an events calendar. We hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to seeing you at one of the shows.
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Our events page has links to some of the Townsmen's own car show, as well as information about other events around town. Just click on the title of an even to see the details. The Townsmen hold a breakfast every friday morning, stop by, have breakfast and see what we are all about.
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For Sale
Every so often you have something laying around the yard or cluttering up the garage, it could be that you are finally ready to sell your hot rod to make room for a new one, whatever the reason may be. The for sale page is where we will list those items you are ready to put up for sale. While we can't offer any guarantees that it will sell here, free advertisement can't hurt.
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Links are an important part of any website, and it just so happens that we have some. We have links to other car sites and even have some links for some recipes. Check out our links page, and if you don't see something there you think we might need, let us know.
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Are you looking for a car club to join, why not consider giving the Townsmen Car club of Sacramento a try. We are a fun group and we enjoy our cars and showing our cars at outings, if you feel this is for you, check out our Membership page for details.
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We love to take photos from events that we go to, and we have posted a lot of them here on our site. There are pictures of the Townsmen Cars for you to browse through as well. Take a look through the photos as there are some very nice car to look at.

Contact Us

Contact us and let us know if you need to have us add an event to our site. Let us know if you see something on the sites that is wrong or missing. We are working to add more content as we go. We would love to get some feedback on our site or our club. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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If you are looking for a good car club to join please give us a look. We are always looking for new members, If you are interested in joining our club, please goto the Membership page for more details. You are always welcome to join our weekly breakfast to see what we are all about before you join.

Membership page

Townsmen Car Show

It’s time once again for The Townsmen of Sacramento Car Club to put on our annual car show, Saturday May 9th, 2015. We will have a huge raffle to help support the National Down Syndrome Coalition. There will also be a poker walk along with many vendors to browse through. Mark you calendar for the exciting event.

Townsmen Car Show Page

The Townsmen 12th Annual Car Show

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The Townsmen Car show was a huge success again this year. We would like to thank our many sponsors, we could not had done it without you. We had a huge raffle again this year and all proceeds are going to support the National Down Syndrome Coalition. The Poker walk had a very nice turnout and there were some nice winning hands. Thank you to all the Townsmen folks that showed up to help get everything setup for the show.
Click here to see list of winners


Linville Tire & Alignment
Rods R Us
Artistry In Framing
Tire Depot
Folsom Lake Ford Fleet
Rocky Mountain
Premier Upholstery

American Pastimes
Antique Trove
Tim’s Hot Rods
Downtown Ford Sales
Taylors Burgers
Orignal Mels Diner Auburn

Our Newest Members

Mike McCue